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Published books - click on the link for further information.

Staffordshire Place Names
Warwickshire Place Names
Staffordshire Privies
Worcestershire Place Names
Derbyshire Place Names
Leicestershire and Rutland Place Names
Black Country Ghosts
Ley Lines Across the Midlands
Oxfordshire Place Names
Culture Wise America
Paranormal Cotswolds
Haunted Worcestershire
Shropshire Place Names
Nottinghamshire Place Names
South Staffordshire Street Names
Hampshire Place Names
Gloucestershire Place Names
Dorset Place Names
Northamptonshire Place Names
Somerset Place Names
South Devon Place Names
The Salt Routes
Paranormal Staffordshire
East Sussex Place Names
West Sussex Place Names
Herefordshire Place Names
Not a Guide to Torbay
English Riviera Through Time
Around Solihull Through Time
Cheshire Place Names
Buckinghamshire Place Names
Beeching 50 Years On
Tamworth Through Time
Lichfield Through Time
Stafford Through Time
Cambridgeshire Place Names
Bloody British History: Stafford
East Kent Place Names
West Kent Place Names
Bedfordshire Place Names
Hertfordshire Place Names
Lincolnshire Place Names
Berkshire Place Names
Surrey Place Names
County Durham Place Names
Northumberland Place Names
Ghosts Around Birmingham
Britain's Lost Lines
English River Names
Plymouth Street Names
Street Names of the Towns and Village Around Plymouth
Cumbria Place Names
Cornwall Place Names
Tamworth Pub Names
Tamworth Street Names
Lancashire Place Names
Essex Place Names
Middlesex Place Names
North Devon Place Names
Isle of Man Place Names
Norfolk Place Names
Suffolk Place Names
Isle of Wight Place Names
Ghosts Around Warwickshire
Torbay Wrecks
Wiltshire Place Names
UK to US Place Names
South Yorkshire Place Names
English Pub Names
Old Wives Tales
Crime on the Canals
Paranormal Northamptonshire
Coaching Routes of Staffordshire
Odd Words and Sayings
Coaching Routes of Warwickshire
The Book of Stupid
Coaching Routes of Leicestershire
Britain's Piers and Railway Piers
Coaching Routes of Derbyshire

All the above also available as ebooks. See individual page for details.

Going Underground: the Potteries (Publishing April 2022)
Going Underground: Birmingham (Publishing June 2022)
Walking Midlands Coalfields (Publishing Autumn 2022)
North Yorkshire Place Names (Publishing Autumn 2022)
West Yorkshire Place Names (Publishing Autumn 2022)
East Yorkshire Place Names (Publishing Autumn 2022)



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