Anthony Poulton-Smith


Travellers often underestimate the cultural isolation they can face abroad, particularly in a country with a different language. To many people, America must seem an 'easy' option, with its long history of immigration, multicultural society and millions of annual visitors. However, sooner or later, most newcomers find certain aspects of American life alien - and some come unstuck as a result. Culture Wise America will help you understand America and its people, and adopt the American way of life. Most importantly, it will enable you to quickly feel at home.

Inside you'll discover:
How to overcome culture shock.
The historical and political background to modern America.
American attitudes and values - at home and at work.
Do's, don'ts and taboos.
How to enjoy yourself in American style.
Business and professional etiquette.
America's spoken and body language.
Getting around America safely.
Shopping the American way.

Culture Wise guides are essential reading for visitors and residents who want to know how a country really works. Whether you're planning to stay for a few days or a lifetime, they will help you find your feet after arrival and integrate into your new surroundings.
Culture Wise guides reduce the anxiety factor in adapting to a foreign culture; explain how to behave in everyday situations in order to avoid cultural and social gaffes; help you get along with neighbours, make friends and establish lasting business contacts; and enhance your understanding of a country and its people.



Also available as an ebook