Anthony Poulton-Smith


For a comparatively small island, we Brits have an astonishing number of dialects. Each dialect has its own words, expressions and phrases which are often a mystery to those from outside. Such terms have been falling in and out of use for years.
Grockle, crumpsy, chincough, jitty, awlin, mankie-peas, omperlodge, grisken, aaterclaps, nipperkin, slochet, spuffle, or the superb vartiwell, all these and many others are explained and examined within these pages. Not only words but phrases from all the regions of Britain and proverbs from around the world combine to entertain, inform and amuse.
In the modern age with instant communication many of these words and phrases are in danger of becoming lost, changed or borrowed elsewhere. Hopefully this book will go some way to recording these delights while they are still remembered. And at the same time bring a smile. After the success of Old Wives Tales, take a tour of the terms some of those old wives will undoubtedly have used.

Also available as an ebook