Anthony Poulton-Smith


Colwich, Dieulacres, Gnosall, Shugborough, and Weston-under-Lizard; have you ever wondered why and how such names have developed? Staffordshire is full of similar curiosities. This book explains them and many more by investigating the anecdotal evidence and the linguistic roots, not just of towns and villages, but streets and pubs, rivers and woods as well. There are recent as well as ancient examples, such as Hall O'Wood House, Moon Under the Water Inn, Torvill Drive and Dean Close. This book should appeal to those who live and work in Staffordshire, to those who study local history, and to all those who simply wish to know more about their surroundings. Anthony Poulton-Smith lives in Tamworth, and has a long standing interest in British history, in particular the pre-Norman period. Regular talks and radio interviews have centred around his interest in ley lines and place-name origins, and have led to this book about his native Staffordshire.


Also available as an ebook