Anthony Poulton-Smith


Vivid, anecdotal, gruesome, crammed with outlandish information, shamingly funny,Staffordshire Privies is a descriptive and pictorial tribute to the lavatories of yesteryear. It takes us from the highly insanitary Middle Ages - 'Beware of emptynge pysse pottes, and pyssing in chymnes' - to the more comic encounters of recent times. When Anthony Poulton-Smith began his quest for memories about the delights and horrors of the outside privy he was inundated with letters. He was even more thrilled to find so many of the privies themselves still standing - one, two and even three-holers, built to accomodate the entire family. There are many anecdotes, including the couple from Lichfield who clearly remember their beloved privy being catapulted through the garden fence and scattered over an adjacent field by the lowered undercarriage of a Lancaster bomber! Anthony Poulton-Smith lives in Tamworth and has a long standing interest in British history. His local knowledge has led to numerous interviews and broadcasts.