Anthony Poulton-Smith


Warwickshire has a rich heritage of place-names: Bishops Tachbrook, Hampton Lucy, Newbold Pacey, Wellesbourne Hastings: have you ever wondered how and why such names have developed? This book looks at the origins of these and many more local names - at their linguistic roots, historical connections and meanings, and their development. It covers the names of towns and villages, streets, farms, pubs, rivers and even woods. A book which will appeal to everyone - to those who live and work in Warwickshire, to those who study local history, and to those who simply want to know more about their surroundings. Anthony Poulton-Smith lives in Tamworth, and has had a long standing interest in British history and particularly pre-Norman. His knowledge of ley lines and place-name origins has led to interviews and broadcasts on local radio stations and he has written a number of articles and books on the subject.